Upcoming Features and Ideas

Features Requested - in no particular order

  1. Export Content from Zalongo (Photos and Videos available)
  2. Improved Kindle App
  3. Download entire Photo Album
  4. Animated GIF support
  5. Push Notifications
  6. Chat
  7. Stories Section (create nicely formatted stories about your family, pulling in elements from the other sections)
  8. Ability to 'beam' all content between multiple groups.
  9. Support Ticket Area
  10. Topics (to plan things and discuss ideas)
  11. Categorizing Messages Area
  12. Roadtrip tracking
  13. Content Tagging
  14. Automatic Secret Santa Name Drawing
  15. Apple Watch App
  16. Android Watch App
  17. Apple TV / Android TV / Roku Channels
  18. Message/Chat with specific members of the group.
  19. Upload Audio Files
  20. Notification like the unread messages for new comments
  21. Add Custom Photo to Location Checkin
  22. Google/iCal Calendar Syncing
  23. Tree Structure of Photo Albums (Albums of albums)
  24. Ability to create pages of content (public and private)
  25. Ability to attach photos to messages
  26. To-do list 
  27. Grandparent User Role (to limit certain content)
  28. Audio included in Quotes
  29. Blog/Vlog options
  30. More user attributes including favorite foods, color, movies, books, toys, etc.
  31. Milestones for children (i.e. First words, first bath, first solid food, etc.)
  32. Meal Planner Calendar
  33. Family Tree
  34. External Hosting (use the Zalongo interface, but all files are stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, etc)
  35. Family Timeline
  36. Ability to make public facing website with select content
  37. Custom URLs
  38. Homepage tiles: Photo Albums, RSVP events