How do I manage user requests?

Admin Only

Once you have shared your website URL you may start to get requests. So let's take a look at how to manage incoming requests.

First, you will receive an email that tells you a new request has been made:

Clicking Check it out should send you to the correct 'Requests' section automatically.

If you are already logged in or didn't click on the email, you will need to click into the ‘Site Settings’ of the main navigation. If there is a request you will even see the number displayed in the link.

In the tab bar at the top of the screen, select 'Requests'.

As an example, Hal Gatewood has requested to join our website. There are three options we can use to handle his request.

Click ‘Accept’ – this will add the user immediately to your family 

Click ‘Delete Request’ – this will remove this request but allow the user to request again in the future. 

Click ‘Block User’ – this will stop this user from requesting altogether.

If you want to stop getting requests altogether, turn off the setting at the top of the screen.