How do I join a group without a Zalongo account?

If you haven't already found the group you want, click ‘Find a Group’ at the top or bottom of the page. 

Enter your group name and press Enter. 

From the list of Family Websites displayed, find the one with your group name. 

Click on ‘View’ or on the name of the website. This will take you to the following page for your group.

TClick 'Create An Account' at the bottom. 

On the ‘Create a Zalongo Account’ page, provide the requested details to register, and click ‘Click to Join’.

At the bottom of the ‘Welcome to Zalongo!’ page is a box with the group you wish to join. 

Click 'Join' to request access to this group.

Zalongo will email the admin(s) for that group and let them know a request to join has been made. 

At the bottom of the group page, you will see a ‘Request Pending’ notice. If you wish to change your mind about joining this group, click ‘Remove Request’.

Once your request has been approved or denied, you will receive a confirmation email with the outcome.