Is the site really private?

Yes, your website is private by default, however, to get all the members in your website you need a public page where people can request to join the site.

The public page only shows the title of the website and if the site administrators want to show a picture they can. Currently, your public website does not show any of the other content your users have added to your private website, future updates may include the ability to create public content.

Note: we use third-party hosting providers to manage all the content that is uploaded to Zalongo, these include Amazon, Digital Ocean and DreamHost. These are three popular and reputable companies we trust with our website.

We have removed third-party scripts that are common on the web like Google Analytics to have even fewer trackers running on Zalongo. Here are the third-party scripts we have running:

  • Stripe (to manage payments)
  • Twitter Emojis (to show emojis)