Managing Wishlist Items

So you're ready to make your family Christmas really great this year by adding a place for the family to share wish lists. The first thing you'll need to do is go into the 'Wishlists' tab.

In the top right corner of the wishlist page you should see a button that you need to click entitled '+ add wish'.

You will be presented with a form like this:

If you have children associated with your account, you will see the option to add wishlist items to your child's account. Click on the person you want to add the item for.

Then add a title and description (if needed). You can also check the box to make a link to Amazon that uses the Amazon search to find items like your Title field.

On the right you can upload an exact image for the product you want or you can search Amazon for a product image. Tap the 'Auto-Search for Images' button and we will take your title and search Amazon with it to find similar images. Click on the image you want to add and click 'Post Item' when you are finished.