How do I change the Group Photo?

Your group can have a photo on its public page. This image will help potential users know they are trying to join the correct group. Here is an example of what it would look like:

There are two ways to change this image and both require you to be the admin user of your group.

1. In the Settings

In the main navigation click on Groups:

Then in the top right click 'Group Settings'

At the top of this page, you should see a Group Photo placeholder. Click the Choose and Image button to select an image from your device.

After you have selected an image, it will automatically upload and save to your group.

2. On a Photo Page

In the photos section of your website, navigate to the photo you want to set as the group photo. Under the photo is a row of 'Set As' options. Click or tap on the 'Group Photo' option.

Notes: The image will be cropped to a 16x9 ratio. This is the same ratio of HDTVs. We also verify all photos that have been uploaded to Zalongo to make sure that nasty images stay off our system.