How do I change the website photo?

Your website can have a photo so members can easily tell which group they are navigating to. This photo will also help potential users know they are trying to join the correct website. To do this you must be an admin user of your website.

In the main navigation click on Site Settings

The first element will be the Website > Photo.

Clicking the 'Select' button will pop up your native file picture for you to choose a photo.  Select the photo you want and let it upload. You should see a progress dialog letting you know how much has been uploaded.

Cropping the Photo

After the photo has uploaded you can adjust the position and cropping. Click the 'Adjust Photo' button in the bottom left.

You will then be presented with a few options to modify the layout. Below the picture is a slider that you can zoom in and out on the photo. You can also click and drag the photo around to get the right positioning. If needed, you can also hit the 'Rotate' button to cycle through rotating the photo to the correct layout.

When you are finished click 'Save Crop' in the bottom left the page should refresh and you should see your newly cropped photo.

Clicking 'Adjust Photo' will allow you to reposition your photo again.