Customizing the Home Layouts

Navigate to the Home section by clicking the home icon in the top left corner.

In the top right action button area, you have 3 buttons to choose from:

The '+ Layout' button will take you to the add layout page. Edit will allow you to change the current layout you are looking at. And the '4 bar' lines icon takes you to the list of Layouts that you have created.

First will look at the 'Add/Edit' screen. The top of the page looks like the image below:

You can give each layout a name. This will make it easier for you to distinguish between your layouts. There are three options for the layout:

Show in Tab Bar
This option sets up a new tab bar on the home page (if multiple layouts with this option are checked). It will look like this:

Use Layout for TVs
This is an up and coming feature that will be used on Roku/Apple TV and FireTV devices. We currently don't have the channels created but the options are ready for when the time comes.

Use for all your groups
This will make the layout available in all of your groups. It will be visible and selectable in all your groups. If you change the layout in one group, the changes will be reflected in all your groups.

Below the settings at the top of the page, you should see two columns if you are on a desktop computer and one column for most  mobile devices. The dotted lines indicate the section. This is more helpful on a mobile device.

  • You can drag and drop the order of tiles that you want. Simply click anywhere on the tile and hold down your mouse.
  • Many sections have a limit you can set on the amount of content to show. Note: the more content you show the longer the page will take to load.
  • You can click the X icon in the corner to remove a tile.

Adding a Tile

Above each column you should see a select box with 'Add a New Tile' 

When you click that you should see a dropdown with all the possibilities.

Clicking on any of the options will add that tile to the top of the main column.

You can then drag the tile to the location you want.

When you are finished, simply click 'Save Layout' at the top of the page.

When it is finished saving, it will say 'Tiles Saved'

You can then click the Home icon in the top left corner to see what your tiles will look like.

Defining Default Layouts

The advantage to having multiple layouts is that you can have different layouts for different devices. For your desktop, which has more screen space, you could add many things. If you are on a mobile device, which tends to load slower, you could put less items. 

To do this, click on the View Layouts icon:

Landing on that page will give you an overview of all your Layouts:

So if you were to navigate to this page on your desktop and click the circle next to Desktop under 'Default for Device' then that layout would show first when you visit Zalongo on your desktop. When visiting on a mobile device you would come to this page and click 'Default for Device' next to the Mobile name.

Note: Desktop and Mobile Layouts are not there by default, I had to create them both first.

All of the circles on this page can be click to quickly change the settings. To edit a layout you can click on the name of the layout in the 'Name' column.