Managing Photos

Go to the Photos section.


Navigate to the Album you want to upload your photo to. If there are not any photo albums, click '+ Album' in the top right of the workarea. 

A box will slide down for your to put in the Album name.

Add an album name and click 'Save.' It will take you to your new album page.

You will see some button in the top right of the workarea. Click '+ photos'. 

After you click add photos you will be presented with the following upload Photo Uploader 

You can either drag your photos to the center of the box or click the 'Add files' in the lower left corner of the grey box. Note:If your browser supports drag and drop of photos you will see the 'drag files here' message, if it doesn't the message will not be there. Once the photos have been added the 'Start Upload' button next to the 'Add files' button will activate and you will be able to click it. When a photo is finished uploading it should say 100%.

Family Photo Uploader

It is important to let all photos finish uploading before clicking to another page or doing any other actions.

Tip: After all the photos are finished you can click the Title of the album (after the 'Add to:') at the top to go to the last page of the album.