Adding Members to Your Website

The simple overview:

  1. Share your unique website URL with your members.
  2. Potential members will register for Zalongo and request access to your website.
  3. You will approve their request and they will have access.

Step by Step

1. In the main navigation, select 'Site Settings'. Then in the tab bar at the top, select 'Domains'

Update the Website Identifier field so that you can create a cleaner URL that makes it easier for you to share with those you want to be included. 

The Public Website URL is the URL you will want to send to your members through email or share on social media to get people to request access to your website.

Now let's make sure that requests are turned on. 
Navigate in the tab bar to the requests tab.

To allow new members to request access to your website, you will want to make sure the status is 'can request'. To turn it off, simply hit the big red button.

When turned on, this will put 'Create an Account' and 'Login' buttons on the website URL allowing members to request access.

Your members will need to create a Zalongo account or log into a previously created account and request access. Once they are logged in, they will see a 'Submit a Request' button.

Please see our Managing User Request Help Guide to learn what to do with the incoming requests.

Auto-Approve Users

You can also auto-approve emails so that users will automatically be approved to your website. To access these settings, go back to the tab bar at the top and select Auto-Approve.

This will bring you to a basic page with only one field.

Add the email addresses (one per line) for the members that you want to automatically join. When that member registers with this email it will prompt them join your website immediately without any more action on your part.

You can add as many email addresses as you know, since you may not know which exact address they will use to register with. You can remove an auto-approved user at any time by hitting the X.

Hitting 'Send Email' will pre-populate an email in your email application explaining to the user how to get into your website.