Adding Members and Group Management

Navigate to the 'Group Settings' page.

First, make sure the Allow Public URL checkbox is checked. This will make your public page visible in the Find a Family directory.

Using the Group Identifier field, you can create a cleaner URL that makes it easier for you to share with those you want to be included in your group.

The Group Public URL above is the URL you will want to send to your family through email or share on social media. Your public profile page will look like this. (See How to Change the Group Profile Picture help guide as well).

Secondly, to allow new members to request access to your group, you will want to make sure the Allow New Member Requests checkbox is checked.

This will put buttons on the public URL allowing members to request access. It will look something like this: 

Please see our  Managing User Request Help Guide to learn what to do with the incoming requests.