Here are some step by step guides to help you get quickly started with Zalongo.

Common Questions

Will I lose my site if I don't upgrade to PRO?
No. Our ad-supported free account is back and here to stay.
Does everyone in my site have to pay?
No. Your subscription will cover all your members, no matter how big or small it is. Only one person has to pay.
Do I need a credit card to try?
No. We don't ask for your credit card up front. We will only ask for payment details if you want to upgrade to Zalongo PRO.
Are refunds available?
Yes. If you pay for our yearly plan and wish to stop, please contact us and we can prorate a refund. If you are on the monthly plan, you can end the subscription at anytime and it will not autopay your next month.
Why do you have ads, ads are horrible?
We tried for a year to have only paid accounts with no ads. It didn't work. 99% of our users didn't want to pay for the service. So now we have both options. The ads we do show are basic, non-tracking and kid-friendly.
Have more questions?
Please check out our Help Guides or email us and we'd be happy to answer them.