Zalongo the Story

Hi, my name is Hal Gatewood and I am the creator and maintainer of Zalongo.

I married into the Mazzalongo family and quite different from my upbringing, the Mazzalongo family had moved and lived all over the place.

Each year, no matter our distance, we attempted to get together for Christmas. So in 2004, I created a tiny website that each member of our family could use to show one another what we wanted as gifts. This was the beginning to what you are looking at today.

In 2009, while I was working at a marketing agency in Montreal, Canada, a coworker saw me browsing (our personal Zalongo at the time) and suggested I open it up to other families. And so in 2010, I did. After cutting off the 'maz' from the family name, I was left with the shortened name of Zalongo.

In 2013, Zalongo was accepted into the REVTech Accelerator program for startups (then called VentureSpur). I was selected as the first 'jump start' participant.

During the program I was mentored by Cory Miller of iThemes, Jon Bolen of EnTouch Controls, Mike Whitaker of Idea Gateway and Albert Hoover of Leadout Advisors. This is actually a very short list compared to the many who were excited about Zalongo and its potential.

Fast forward to 2020. While lots of competition has come and gone, Zalongo continues to move forward. I will continue to add new features to support those who want to keep knitting their families closer together without all the hassle of social media.

I encourage you to sign up and check things out. If you don't want all the commitment, watch our system overview video. This will help you get idea of all that we have to offer. Thanks for learning more about Zalongo.

Hal Gatewood