Excellent features to keep you connected with those you care about.


See the most recent conversations your family is having and a handful of quick actions and widgets with the latest content being added.

Photo Albums 

Easily manage your photos into digital albums. It's like the old times except with a little less dust. When new photos are added to an album, that album jumps to the front of the pack.

 Photos /   Videos

Share and comment on photos and videos. It's easy, fun. You can also add stories about each item and quickly beam them between your multiple families.


Share the love and pass the salt. Add photos, ingredients and instructions for those top secret recipes and make your holiday meals amazing.


Know exactly where everyone in your family is located with private check-ins. Great for road trips, meeting up at the game or making sure Bobby went to his friend's house.


Document the funny and weird things you say. Great for saving those cute things your child says when they're half asleep or just keeping track of inside jokes.


A family calendar with event registration (RSVP), images and birthdays. This is really helpful!


Get opinions from people you actually care to hear what they have to say.


Presents are going to be great this year. Wish for items by adding titles, descriptions, photos and links to the exact items you want. There will be no excuses. You can also specify to other family members which gifts you've purchased.


Quickly find old content by searching based on keyword, the user that posted or content type.


Adding documents is great for really important stuff or just when you need a little help from those you care about the most.

 Address Book

Store addresses, phone numbers, Skype usernames and more with this handy contacts book. Get important info about your family when you need it.

Don't sweat the small stuff

 Multiple Families
Drop down allows for easy switching between all your families.
  Mobile Friendly
Grab your phone or tablet, upload images and videos.
  Beautiful Themes
Each member can choose a look for the site that suits them.
  Quick Interactions
Comments are instantly added. No waiting
  ding! Button
Call everyone together, I've got news.
 A safe environment
You choose only the people you want to participate in your website.

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